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Tour of Punta Mita – The True Vallarta Paradise!

We had the privilege of going on an Exclusive Broker’s Tour of 7 of the most prestigious, gorgeous and breathtaking developments in Punta Mita.

The tour left us in whirl of sensory overload and we would love to take the tour again and we plan to do so with our clients!  Thankfully, they provided us with plenty of printed information to take away with us, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to keep the unique details to each of these developments straight.

The biggest and best selling point in all of these is the unbelievable financing that is being offered.  Financing such as Non qualified (no credit checks, no applications!) 30% down you move in immediately (if the house is complete), interest only payments (some are offering 0% for first 12mos) with a balloon for the remaining balance due in 36 months!  Non-recourse loans, no origination or closing fees and NO pre-payment penalty!  Now this is a way to help people maximize their investments in these economical ups and downs!

Here is a quick recap of each Development and what we liked about each:

KUPURI – A word taken from the Huichol Indians which describes the life force resulting from the unity of the inner spirit and nature.

  • 15 Private Home-sites (Ocean Front, Ocean view or Hillside)
  • Private, clean, virgin beach fronts
  • Natural vegetation provides a calm, tranquil environment along paths and walkways.
  • Price range – $2,225,000 to $4,375,000 with only 6 left
  • Developer: Dine

FOUR SEASONS – Private Villas & Residences

  • Includes full access to the Four Seasons Resort Amenities!
  • Private infinity edge plunge pools
  • Layout is fabulous as well as elegant furnishings
  • Views, quality, just plain breath-takings
  • 4500-6400 SQFT
  • Price ranges $3.8million to $4.2million, only 6 left
  • Developer: Dine

AYIA – means a sacred place.

  • Sophisticated Condominium style living with all the amenities of a resort
  • Tiered architectural design that provides absolute privacy on all of levels and all terraces!
  • Just love all the glass and spacious terraces that seem to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out!
  • On-site management, full concierge and rental services make this an ideal Rental Investment
  • Affordable pricing at only $695K to $825K
  • For a limited time a $35K furnishing package is being included in the Purchase price!!
  • Developer: Basri Emini with Architecture: Jose “Pepe” de Yturbe

EL ENCANTO– (Spanish for Enchanted) 54 Luxury Home sites

  • Love the tiered hillside design
  • The tall ceilings with the added wood beams made this feel like home when we walked in.
  • The home that we toured was the Residencia La Marea with huge central courtyard and the ever fashionable plunge pool!
  • Exclusive Private Beach club and Concierge
  • They are also building Luxurious Condos with the same great attributes of these homes!
  • Price Range: $1,095,000 to 2,895,000
  • Developer: KMD and Architecture Jaime Guzman


  • Zen, Mediterranean (or rather Mexiterranean), Italian flavor.
  • There are only 2 of each house plan available now (2 Zen Casitas, 2 Beach Villas & 2 Quintas Las Mareas).
  • Luxurious living at it’s finest with exclusive Playa Fortuna and Porta Fortuna’s Yacht Club
  • Furnishing packages are available
  • Price Range: $1,495,000 to $4,500,000 
  • Developer: Damavandi of Inspired Resorts


  • The first thing that is very impressive and a value added benefit are the memberships that are included in the prices; Four Seasons Golf Club (a Jack Nicklaus Signature course), Punta Mita Residents’ Beach Club and the Four Seasons Tennis Club!
  • Palm trees (which I love) they are in abundance.
  • VERY reasonable priced, especially for the quality and amenities that are included!
  • Price Range: $1,095,000 – $2,045,000
  • Developer:


  • The Panoramic Views are breathtaking!
  • The design for these are very unique with the main house made for gatherings and togetherness, while the master suite and the garden suites are completely detached from the main house.  It’s like purchasing 3 houses in one!
  • Each lot is HUGE and the buildings are designed around the land itself not the other way around.
  • I can’t wait to see the finished development!
  • ONLY 10 left….from $1,520,000 to $2,460,000
  • Developer:

I know that my very brief descriptions of these resorts don’t do them justice.  The best way to experience these resorts is to take a tour yourself!


Would you like more information about Puerto Vallarta?  Go to <a href=””></a> or <a href=””>Elements of Mexico</a>

Posted by: Misa Chavez | December 11, 2008

Mexico’s Housing Market – Is It Safe?

Has the “doom and gloom” of the U.S. economy caused you to start saving your money instead of investing it? Of course in any investment there is always some amount of risk but knowledge is power when it comes to investing. In this blog lies a little bit of information to perk your interest in investing in the Mexico housing market.
That’s right investing in the housing market!

We are all too aware that the housing market in the U.S. is in the slumps which, has caused both Americans as well as some Canadians to become skittish about investing in the housing market in Mexico. In areas of Mexico where Americans and Canadians have in the past represented up to 50% of home purchases, Mexican citizens are picking up the slack which is keeping the market afloat as the economy in the U.S. continues to try to stabilize. 

Even so the now apprehensive and cautious American and Canadian investor has still created a buyers market in many areas of Mexico such as Puerto Vallarta and other popular tourist towns. The Mexican citizens are wasting no time buying up hot properties as their primary residence, rentals or a second home. They know as in times past the U.S. economy will mend itself and investors as well as retirees will be back in full force to invest in their piece of paradise.  For those that can buy in Mexico, now is the time!  There are some GREAT deals to be had.

The Miami Herald wrote:

“Long thrashed by swings in the U.S. economy, Mexico now boasts a thriving housing sector whose record growth leads Latin America — a sign of increased economic stability and an outlet for investors looking to escape the U.S. downturn.”

Karla Palomo and Bill Faries on writes:

“March 19 (Bloomberg) — Mexico’s Finance Minister Agustin Carstens said that a U.S. housing slowdown and losses incurred by subprime mortgage lenders won’t damp growth in Latin America’s second-biggest economy.”

So, are you going to wait until after home values rise in Mexico to invest or retire in your dream paradise?   Or would you rather buy while it is still a buyer’s market? There is great negotiating power in purchasing homes, lots, and commercial property in a buyers market.

Not sure where to begin?  Check out Vallarta Life or Elements Realty Group to learn some of the basics of purchasing in Mexico.  Then if you would like to start looking at properties or you have more questions give them a call.

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Own Your Dream Home in Mexico!

The myth that an American or Canadian can’t own property in Mexico is just not true! So quit renting your dreams and own them!
At Elements Realty Group we listen to you and help find that perfect home to fulfill your dream vacation or retirement home.  We handle everything and walk you through the process.  We are well established and work with some of the best Attorneys, and banks in the Industry!
So give us a call today and be on your way to owning your dreams!
Our offices are located in Bucerias, Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco but we work with clients all over Mexico.  Our Broker is the Founder of the Mexico Real Estate Network so you can imagine how networked we really are!
We also can find cash flowing properties to build your rental portfolio or land if you are the adventurous type and want to build your dream house.
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